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"Destiny is not fate, it's navigation."

Richie Norton


I offer online coaching to clients who want to soar to new heights of freedom and possibility.

Dare to dream bigger, release your potential and take control while exploring what life has to offer. Don’t settle for less.

Start a new journey today:

  • Upgrade your personal leadership
  • Build resilience and control stress
  • Balance your time and energy
  • Navigate a career or life transition
  • Discover your unique gift

Break your barriers to success and live your best life!





Wouter Peters


Coaching allows you to explore, integrate and experience transformational change. I use insights from various sciences, leadership theory, ancient wisdom traditions and a good amount of life experience to support you while you make your own discoveries and find your own solutions on your path to growth. The focus will be on you as a whole person. That means mind and body, work and leisure and all roles you may fill in life.

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If we start a partnership, we will then co-create a tailor-made coaching relationship of a number of online conversations over a certain period during which we will move towards your goals. You will access your deeper wisdom while I offer challenges and provide the support, structure and focus needed, as you stretch your comfort zone and reach for more.

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My mission is to support you in navigating your life’s journey while leaving you in command. And for this purpose, coaching is the ultimate vehicle.

For me, life is about exploration, learning and growth. About the experience of both the challenges and rewards. Most of my life, I was busy meeting my goals with an attitude of win or lose. Often too focussed on getting there, I learned by slowing down and getting present that it's about the journey and not the destination.

My profession as an airline pilot introduced me to different cultures while living abroad for many years. It deeply changed me and opened me up to different perspectives. My career and lifestyle challenged me to be physically and mentally at my best and self-development became a way of life. Exploring and experiencing the world with travel, an adventure lifestyle and reading thousands of pages of non-fiction about the sciences, history and ancient wisdom turned me into a generalist driven by curiosity into both the nature of reality and the reality of nature.


Wouter Peters


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